About King Earrings

About King Earrings

Earrings of King, but surprisingly feminine! A more delicate and simple version of the "Queen Earrings" but very elegant.

King Earrings Alma e Coração - https://www.almaecoracao.pt/epages/2716-120322.sf/pt_PT/?ObjectPath=/Shops/2716-120322/Categories/Colecoes/Joalharia_Tradicional/Brincos_a_Rei

The King Earrings History

Contrary to what it may seem, their designation does not mean that they were used by kings or noblemen! So, they were designated, just because they are a derivation of the famous Queen Earrings that was so successful.


The King Earrings Design

They are very similar to the Queen Earrings, but more discreet and elegant, due to their elongated and fine appearance. They are composed of three parts, the upper, the middle, and the terminal. In the middle part, the small mobile pendant of Queen Earrings was replaced by a loop-shaped inspired by the traditional loop-shapes of the epoch.

“King Earrings” from Traditional Jewellery Museum of Viana do Castelo

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