Alma e Coração History

Alma e Coração History

Preserving and enhancing the magnificent heritage of Portuguese jewelry was the motivation to create the Alma e Coração project.

Vera Costa Leite is the brand founder. With roots in Minho region, she grew up enjoying jewels and discovering the stories that inspired traditional Portuguese jewelry. She remembers with longing the hours spent listening to the stories of each one of those popular pieces.

With 17th years of experience in this area, a jewellery course at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, inspires her to create her own brand, Alma e Coração,  in a challenging project where she test her creativity and your passion has always been for design and jewelry.

The brand name is the perfect one! Alma e Coração means Soul and Heart, such a Portuguese expression, very popular and emotive and also because the jewellery is an art executed with “Soul and Heart”!

Today Vera Costa Leite besides being the company manager, is the Creative Director of the brand Alma e Coração and who draws your collections.
With its personal touch the founder intends to recreate iconic pieces of Portuguese jewelry, remaining faithful to the original design while transporting them to the present time in a perfect alliance between modernity and tradition.