Guarantie and Authenticity


Alma e Coração offers a 1-year warranty on all your pieces after the date of purchase if your jewel appears to be defective in production origin.

This warranty does not cover defects resulting from misuse, normal use or loss. We also give assistance if you damage your jewel and wish to recover it.

Attention! When you receive your order, please review each piece immediately and if they are not in accordance with the product ordered, if they are not complete or if they are defective, you should immediately report these facts to us by email:

To know how to make your return see “Returns and Exchanges”.



All Alma e Coração jewels are made in Portugal in sterling silver (925) or sterling silver (925) yellow gold, rose gold, rhodium or oxidized finishing.

Alma e Coração jewels are certified by Portuguese Assay (INCM - National Casa da Moeda, S.A.). The contrast confirms the authenticity of the metal used in the piece that consists to certify the type of gold or silver, by applying the contrast to the responsibility mark or the manufacturer mark or equivalent. Hereunder you can check the legal trademarks of the Portuguese assay - INCM or in:


Marcas Legais das Contrastarias Portuguesas



All Alma e Coração articles are legally marked, when applicable;Alma e Coração articles, are sealed by Tutti Sensi, Joalharia, design e moda, Lda. com NIF 506745325, with the Activity Licence T3483.

All pieces are made of sterling silver or gold, as identified;

In case of doubt of the authenticity of the marks, the consumer may have access, for the purposes of verification, to the services of the Portuguese assay:

You can access the daily quotation for gold and silver, platinum and palladium on the Portuguese Bank website:

Any questions, please contact: