About Queen Earrings

About Queen Earrings

The "Queen Earrings" is an adapted copy of earrings offered to Queen D. Maria I and were used by aristocratic women. It remains one of the most used pieces for its beauty and elegance. An indispensable jewel!  

 Queen Earrings Alma e Coração


The History of Queen Earrings

Queen Earrings appear at the end of the 18th century, during the reign of D. Maria I, Queen of Portugal from 1777 to 1816 and of Brazil, although for only three months.

These earrings were one more of her magnificent jewels, as the Heart of Viana, whose charm continues to this day.

But the name “ Queen Earrings”  only appears in the early 19th century after these earrings were elegantly worn by Queen D. Maria II (1819-1853) during a visit to the city of Viana do Castelo, the ambassador city of Portuguese jewellery.

From then on, these wonderful earrings made the charms of the noble ladies of the time who started using the same model, not only for their beauty but also to demonstrate their status and wealth, because at the time, and for a very, very long time, a jewel had other values!

“Queen Earrings ” on Jewellery Museum of Viana do Castelo
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The Jewel of the Keens

This is also the prefered jewel of royalty, for its name, tradition and especially for its enormous beauty. It is used by queens of today such as Queen Letizia of Spain and Princess Mary of Denmark, and this last even wear our jewel Alma e Coração, which fills us with proud!

Princess Mary of Denmark with "Keen Earrings".

Keen Letizia of Spain with "Keen Earrings".

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