Care Guide

How to care your jewels

Follow some care tips to keep your jewelry in good condition and avoid damaging it:

  • Do not wear your jewel while doing sport, housework, in the shower or bathing in saltwater or with chlorine.
  • The application of perfumes, lacquers or creams on the jewelry can remove the sheen or change the color of the jewels.
  • Always store your jewelry in a dry place on a pouch or box, and not leaving it on light and air for long periods as it will oxidize them by changing their color.
  • Clean your jewels regularly with a soft dry cloth.
  • Whenever you need to polish or clean your jewel, contact our Customer Service:



We give assistance to our pieces. If you damage your jewelry and wish to recover it, please make us a budget request. If you need only to polish or clean your piece, only shipping costs will be charged. Contact our customer service: